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Reason #1,672 Why Some Don’t Have an Estate Plan => You Won’t Believe It!

Over the years, I’ve heard so many different reasons (excuses) why people don’t have an estate plan:

  • "I don’t have much, so I don’t need one.”

  • I’m too young to have a will or a trust. I’ll do it when I get older.”

  • I’m too busy right now. I’ll get around to it when things slow down.”

  • It’s too expensive, and I just can’t afford it.”

This week, in response to a recent blog article, I heard a new one:

"When my parents died they left me in a world of crap and that's what I'm going to leave my kids too" No, I couldn't believe it either, but that's exactly what they said. Often, clients will seek my help when they’ve had a bad personal experience with the probate process or a “run in” with the court system because their own parents failed to plan. Never, until now, have I heard someone say they intend to make things difficult for their kids, out of spite, because their own parents made it hard for them. That’s just plain mean, and frankly hard to understand. Whatever the “excuse” may be, however, it’s not good enough. A little planning now goes a long way toward (1) easing the pain of losing a loved one, (2) providing clarity and peace among family during a difficult time, and (3) quickly, responsibly, and privately transferring assets to family and charities. Oh, I guess there’s one more thing I’ve never heard someone say: “I wish I hadn’t planned. That was a complete waste.” If I can help you or someone you know gain peace of mind about the future of your family, please contact me at (813) 244-7758 or Cheers! Ross Spano

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