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A Testimonial From Beyond… “The Problem I Tried to Avoid”

“I was getting along in age, and I’d heard about the difficulty others had getting their assets to their family when they died. So, I had a Last Will prepared and left my entire estate to my three children. I told my daughter that I’d taken care of things, so it would be easy for her and her brothers to transfer my assets when I passed. It gave me peace of mind; unfortunately, I was very wrong. I died unexpectedly a few years later. My kids grieved, as you might imagine, and they took steps to transfer my estate. My daughter contacted a realtor to list my home for sale and went to my bank to liquidate my accounts. She was surprised to learn, however, that even though I had a Last Will, she needed a court order to sell my home and liquidate my bank accounts. My estate had to be probated, requiring an attorney, significant expense, and considerable time. I tried to avoid this mess and make it easy for my children. After all, they had enough to deal with, grieving over my death. I know now that a Last Will doesn’t help to avoid probate; instead, I should have had a living trust. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. You owe it to your family to ‘get this right.’”

Obviously, this isn’t an actual testimonial, but I strongly believe numerous people who’ve passed on would share this sentiment if they could. If I can help you and your family avoid probate and quickly, easily transfer your estate upon your death, please contact me at (813) 244-7758 or


Ross Spano

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