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Why We Do It... An Estate Planning Success Story.

As you probably know, I often write about the “horror stories” resulting from the failure to properly plan…. the estranged son who shows up only after his mom’s death demanding his share of her estate, the father who dies unexpectedly and leaves so many loose ends his kids don’t know where to begin, the mother’s probate case that drags on for years, racking up thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

Well… no “horror” stories today! Today, I’m ending 2021 by sharing a success story.

About 15 years ago, I prepared an estate plan for a very special client, a widower who’d recently lost his wife and wanted to get his affairs in order. He was adamant about making sure his estate passed quickly, easily, and without conflict to his children and grandchildren. I prepared a living trust for him; I made sure his trust was funded (his assets were in it); and I helped him coordinate his various accounts (bank and investment) with his trust.

Unfortunately, my very special client recently died. When I attended his funeral, I was able to assure his family that their dad gave them a gift. He’d taken some simple steps to make their lives so much easier. They had enough to think about and grieve over. Worrying over the probate of their dad’s estate wasn’t one of them!

I’d love to help you give your family this same gift at your passing. Please contact me at (813) 244-7758 or, so I can show you the simple steps you need to take.


Ross Spano

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